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When Graham Johnson was in Montreal earlier this year, one of the private group coaching sessions I did also had a performance of these. Graham said he believes the discussion around these songs/poems often incorrectly (in his opinion) centers around heteronormativity and gender expectations in marriage. According to him, the interesting thing about the narrator’s relationship with her husband is not that she is a woman and he is a man, but that she was a servant and he broke the class barrier and married below his station for love alone. From that perspective, at least, the texts were actually subversive of societal norms at the time!

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Dearest Sara,

Brava, yet again, on everything you touch. You are quite an extraordinarily talented young woman, endowed with so many gifts. I treasure having had you in the CCOC and being privileged to observe you grow into a beautiful singer, thinker and writer, and artist. Yes, I still have that lovely card you made and sent me after Errol died. I am in Colorado, but will be back in Toronto in April. I would love to see you. 🎶Ann

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